About Us

Your Online Conversation Digital Marketing, We think about online marketing a little bit differently... We know you have been running your business for a while now and you have probably had hundreds of people trying to sell you advertising of various different kinds over the years. You might have even bought some!? So what are you doing looking at this page? At Your Online Conversation, we know what business owners are looking for, and it isn't what most advertising companies are offering, especially online. On the internet, you can hide behind impressions and clicks, but since when has a click ever made you any money? Sound familiar? Then you might just be in the right place...

Why choose Your Online Conversation Digital Marketing? In one word... business!
We work closely with your business to attract local enquiries in the regions and areas you want to cover. It used to be easy, just throw a couple of ads in the yellow pages and you were in business. But then the internet came and made it all complicated. There is an easier way!

Your Online Conversation Digital Marketing has been working with local businesses for over 15 years and in that time has helped our clients make the transition from traditional print media to the online space. We are a team of marketing experts (we help our clients develop their online strategy), maths geeks (this helps with the spreadsheet analysis that come from Google) and computer nerds (by far the coolest part of our business but no-one ever gets to see them!) that have a passion for helping business appear in the right places at the right time online.

Our clients tend to work with us because we can:
Be trusted to get results and make things happen
Be as autonomous or as hand-on as our clients like
Make magic happen with both PPC and SEO
Send nice pretty reports with graphs that go up (usually!)
Mostly it is all about the results though

We also provide our clients with a live platform which provides you the business owner with detailed online reports, which are available to view 24x7. You will be able to view real-time information and details about the various activities associated with your campaigns. For example, you can listen to calls, verify submissions and purchases and calculate the profitability of your advertisements daily, weekly and monthly giving you a true reflection of your Return on Investment.


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